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Reminder to all that this is the month of the Rosary. Please remember to recite every day of the month in a special way.


SATURDAY, October 1st Episcopal Installation of our Bishop:

WToday is the Episcopal installation of our Bishop Joy Alapat.

We will have our regular 10am Holy Qurbana.

Priest Celebrating Mass

SUNDAY, October 2nd:

CCD will assemble inside the Church at 9:15am. There will only ONE Holy Qurbana in Malayalam at 11:00am.

Church Pews

SUNDAY, January 22nd:

a. CCD Classes will begin assembling inside the Church @9:15am .

b. There will be ONE Holy Qurbana in Malayalam at 11:00am. We will be celebrating St. Sebastian's feast with Procession during the Holy Qurbana, followed by Nercha and Ambu/Kazhunnu Ezhunnellikal. If anyone is interested in sponsoring the Nercha, please contact your PG Leader.

c. Food will be available for purchase after the Malayalam Holy Qurbana.


SUNDAY, January 29th:

Marriage Jubilee celebrations will be held on Sunday Jan 29th for those who celebrated their 25th & 50th wedding anniversary this past year. They will be renewing their marital vows and the Holy Qurbana offered will be dedicated to them. If you belong to this group, please submit your names to your PG Leader

Wedding Rings

SATURDAY: February 11th 

PTA will be conducting a Talent competition for CCD students on Sat Feb 11, 2023. Please register via ParishOnNet by Sun Jan 29th 2023. Link to register -  

Painting Equipments
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