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Soup Kitchen


The ministry focuses on making arrangements to provide food and clothes to those who need them in our neighborhood. Every Saturday around a 100 people come around lunch time for help. We have several parishioners who volunteer to support this effort.

Sunday School


Every Sunday, Children receive Catechism from 9:30 am to 12 noon. This includes attending the Holy Qurbana. This is made possible by volunteers from Parents and Senior Youth who join hands to teach the Word of God to our Children from Kindergarden to 12th Grade.

Helping Hands


A Chapter of the Vincent de Paul society has opened at our Church. A group of Parishioners work tirelessly to generate funds through different efforts such as cooking for the Church or selling Cakes etc. These funds are used to help parishioners as well as members outside the community.

Music Sheets and a Cross


Our Church has been blessed with some serious talent for our Music Ministry. We have both a Malayalam Choir as well as an English Choir. The Choirs support the Holy Qurbana in the respective languages as needed helping elevate the Divinity of the sacraments.

Church Altar


Our Church has Holy Qurbana, every day of the week. The Sacristans (a group of Volunteers) schedule and ensure that they are available to setup the Church Altar in preparation before every Qurbana at the Church. They have to support our Altar servers during the Qurbana. This involves dedicating 2-3 hours every day of the week for this.

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